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Whether you have a tire/wheel business, RV Dealership, motorcycle shop, offroad vehicle business, ATV shop, or are an OEM, you will gain profits and customers by becoming an Innovative Balancing Authorized Dealer.

Requirements: Other than filling out the form accessed by clicking on the button below, these are the basic requirements:

  • A tax ID number / DBA

  • A Business Certificate / License

  • We require that you have a shop and full installation facilities to service Dyna Bead customers. If you have an Internet-only business, please do not apply.

  • Your shop services must be available during normal business hours.

  • An valid email address for the owner or another person. General email addresses will not be allowed such as those beginning with "info, parts, shop, etc". See below for why. Important: Please folks, a valid email address is required as this is the method we use to contact you with your application details and login procedure. So double check your typing and only give us a legitimate email address.

  • Automotive shops will normally NOT be approved unless you state what type of vehicles you intend to service from the vehicle types listed here.

  • Following approval, you must order and stock product within 30 days.

Tell us about your business so we know what your needs are:

These questions below help us determine your specific needs and other information we may need to bring to your attention as a Dealer:

  • What group of customers / vehicles do you target? This is very important so we will know what vehicle group you are mostly concerned with. ( 4x4/Off Road, RV's Motorcycles, Trailers, etc.)  If you service more than one group, it is equally important you let us know this so we can do our processing correctly and offer all appropriate discounts.

  • Have you tried our product already?

  • Generally, the note doesn't have to be long, but anything that will let us know the type of business you have and the customers you market to will be of great help.
    Any applications that have left this section blank will NOT be processed.

We only allow Dealers who actually have facilities to install the product for the customers, however we encourage all our Dealers to offer the product as a Retail item over the counter for those that prefer to do it themselves.

If we have trouble verifying your business, we will ask you to fax a copy of your Business Certificate or License. This is not necessary unless we ask.

Canadian Dealers: Please fill out all the information on the form to follow, and we forward this information to the appropriate Canadian Distributor.

Email Requirements: A valid email address is required that will go to a person, not an area. This should be the owner or manager. General email addresses such as "info, parts, shop, etc" will not be allowed. This is due to recent CAN/SPAM legislation for businesses, which we abide by. We only send out News Letters about 3 times a year, at most, and we guarantee not to make this email address available to anyone at any time for any reason.


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