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2005 Nissan Xterra
35x14.50 Pit Bull Rocker Bias Ply
10oz. of Dyna Beads per tire

I had 18oz. of weight on one of my [bias ply] tires and about 9oz on the other three. I got them balanced twice. It was never good enough. The entire truck shook and rattled constantly at all speeds. The steering wheel twitched like it had a loose tie rod.
This is my wife's truck and I didn't feel comfortable letting her drive it.

It's awesome!!! I LOVE DYNA BEADS!!!!!!! Did you see the pics of the trucks tires? [see Photo's page] You can't balance those- unless you have Dyna Beads!!!
I don't understand how they work. But who cares!! They work.
I can't express how happy I am with your product!!!

John Ott

    Innovative Balancing, Super Product

    It was hard for me to believe that 6 ounces of Dyna Beads could replace 12 ounces of lead weights. I removed all the lead weights from both front wheels on my motor home. At 55mph I got a pronounced shaking on the front end with the lead weights. After I put 6 ounces of Dyna Beads inside each tire, at speeds up to 70 mph the ride was glass smooth!!! I am 100% convinced… Thank you. Your Product is OUTSTANDING.

    Thank you R.R.
    Rio DeGennaro

    Innovative Balancing,

    …I have had to furnish your website to several RV’ers who have asked me about your balancing beads. I put them in my new Goodyear’s on our diesel coach. WOWwhat a ride!! Much better than the past Equal.

    …Please use my name whenever you have RV‘er that is not sure about doing this! I have posted my pleasure in doing business with you with several forums and RV websites.

    Steve Ecton

    Innovative Balancing,

    I would just like to say “Thank You” for your product. I currently have a 1992 Dodge W250 with the Cummins Turbo Diesel …

    Well, I poured in your Dyna Beads last night (6 ounces per tire, your recommendation from your application guide), and I am just amazed how smooth the truck now rides. Drove it on the highway and brought it right up to 90 mph mark without a bounce at all.

    …So, for the small amount of money invested in your product this was one of the easiest modifications that I have done to my truck that has made the biggest difference.

    Thank you once again for a fine product

    Scott Gould

    I did want to let you know that the 10oz of Dyna beads per wheel/tire combo is working great, all the way up to 75mph with absolutely no vibrations. This is with my 37x12.50-16 tires that weigh 75lb on a 16x8 wheel that comes in at 60lbs. The combo is 140lb each, about 30-40lb more than the typical combo.

    Owner -


    I live approximately 55 miles from work, and I am writing this Monday
    morning the 27th of June. Saturday I had my wheels balanced with 3 oz. of beads in each. I noticed on the ride this morning, a totally
    vibration-free, almost too comfortable suspension. I'd say it is the
    best that I've ever felt it.
    The lead weights set the rough balance, and the beads just dynamically tune the balance. The ride is the smoothest I've felt with that vehicle.


    Editor note: Customer using Dyna Beads in conjunction with wheel weights on low-profile tires.


    I finally picked up my order this week and put it into my tires.
    It took some time to get it thru the valve stems, but boy was it
    ever worth it! My tires are brand new and they rode like they
    were square! I put 14 oz. in all four tires. (12.5x20. they stand
    40" tall) Now the ride is like night and day once I get over 30-35 MPH.
    I will be doing some write-ups on some of the 4X4 forums and will let
    others know about your product!


    Editor note: To see this Unimog, go to the Photo's page

    Hi Carol,

    We are happy to report the safe return to Nashville of our customer, Lynn Stubblefield, from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Lynn rode his turbo-powered Suzuki Hayabusa equipped with Dyna Beads at this year’s Speed Week. His exact feed-back regarding your product is as follows:
    "While using the Dyna Beads product my bike felt smooth with no noticeable bounce or wobble in excess of 193 MPH. I would recommend Dyna Beads for both street and high performance use."

    We appreciate the opportunity to offer such a beneficial product to our valued customers.
    Melinda Thiele
    TNT Performance Dyno
    Nashville, TN


    I had checked out your web site and found it interesting. When the time came to replace the front tire on my Harley Softail Standard, I used 1 oz. of your Dyna Beads, as your guide suggested. I was very pleased with the results. A friend with a slightly older version and myself swapped bikes, he also felt the difference. Since I liked the results on the front tire, I’ve installed 2 oz. in the rear which replaced the 3 oz of stick-on weights on my chrome mag wheel. Perfect! Thanks for the great ride!


        I would like to offer my congratulations on a superior product that actually does what you said it would. I own a 1998 Chevrolet C3500 dually (bought used in 2002) that had a vibration/shake from the time I purchased the truck. I thought it was the tires and put up with it until finally having six new tires installed (and "computer balanced"). I drove the truck to the interstate and was shocked to feel a vibration - lesser but still there
        Ordered your Dually kit, applicator, valve caps and installed it into all six tires when the kit arrived. I was a little nervous about removing the lead weights, so I left them on. I drove on the interstate and the vibration was almost gone, So I came back home, marked the location and weight of each balance weight and removed all of them. The moment of truth- I drove the truck back out on the interstate and

    Your beads should be used on all duallys.  

    Thank you,

    Thanks for the fast shipping on my DynaBeads order.
    I did my first vehicle this weekend - 2000 Subaru Outback with 225/60R16 tires. I left the wheel weights on and let the beads balance out the difference and I purged and filled with cylinder nitrogen. Wow!
    The ride is sooo smooottthh now.
    I was getting some vibration in the steering wheel before the beads - it's gone now!
    I love that I can 'feel' the road in the steering wheel now because the tires are so well balanced.  

    Thanks again!  

    Buffalo, NY

    I'm so pleased with your product.I can't believe the difference it made in the way my truck rides.


    Smithfield, Virginia

    Rio DeGennaro here;
    After more than a year with the beads in my Motorhome tires your product is OUTSTANDING. My tires still look like new, no cupping or irregular tread. 15,000 miles later the balance is still perfect. Purchased a Honda CRV and had the dealer remove the lead weights from the wheels and put in the beads. He tried to prove me wrong and put the wheels on his best balancing machine. He just walked away dumbfounded because the wheels indicated a perfect balance.


    I purchased this product almost a year ago after some information exchange with you about balancing motorcycle tires. I tried to find what other riders thought by mentioning the product on the VTX forum; where, unhappily, most derided me for even suggesting balancing beads. Well, now almost a year later with 14,000 additional miles on my tires, I can say that I feel vindicated because I have received a true value by using these ceramic beads. My last set of tires began cupping around three thousand miles of wear, and were replaced at 8,000 miles. The current tires have 14,000 miles, and no cupping! You were very helpful and pleasant to talk to, but the real reward was in the way your product actually performed. My next purchase will be for my truck, then then my wife's car! Thanks!


    Husband/Wife Team – 1 rig – 295/75/R22.5 – Entire tractor done
    Thank you for being so patient with me and answering my questions.
       Johnny put the beads in today and was very impressed.  He drove his truck down the highway and all the problems are gone.  We will definitely recommend these to other drivers.


    I just put my RV tires on a weight free diet!
    After we removed the wheel weights, we re-installed them on the RV and I took it out for a test drive. …
    Amazingly, the coach was virtually vibration free. In the past, with normal wheel weight balancing techniques, all they did was change the speed at which the wheels would bounce. With the beads, I ran the coach from 50 to 75 mph and the only "bounce" that I detected was the pavement joints. …
    The tire dealer was equipped to install the powdered stuff called "Equal." The guy brought out the "installation" device and it was covered in dust and dirt. When asked, he couldn't remember the last time that they had used it. Apparently they've had problems with clumping and the mess that it makes when they have to do any repair work.

    Thanks, Jim.

    comments: I am very happy with the beads in my existing wheels/tires. I believe they netted me at least an additional 10k miles. (on 37" mudders I got over 40k miles with 20k using the beads).
    Thanks from a VERY satisfied user,

    Installed the Dyna Beads on both the truck and travel trailer. Immediate improvement on the truck. I hated the tires that were on the truck when I purchased it due to the harsh ride. Now I will wear them out before replacing them.

    Towing the trailer was much smoother also. One thing I noticed when I went to chock the tires. The trailer tires were much cooler and I could actually touch them. Before they would always be hot to touch after a ride on the interstate.
    With results like this I will soon be ordering for my other vehicles.


    I received my order on Saturday. I took my wheel and new tire over to where a friend works and he installed my new tire. Since I have 90 degree valve stems...we just poured the beads the wheel back together and back on the bike and took her out for a test run....This bike has never been so smooth!!! On my test run...I took it to 120mph and it was like riding on a sheet of glass....THANK YOU so much for a GREAT product....


    Dear Innovative Balancing
    I ordered Dyna Beads for my ’03 Honda VFR after I saw them mentioned on and I’m extremely pleased with the results!
    I recently installed new tires and painted and polished my wheels, I didn’t want to ruin the paint on the wheels with clip-on or stick-on wheel weights and this seemed like a perfect solution.
    I rode it for about a week with no weights at all and I had a very noticeable ‘droning buzz’ anywhere above 75 mph, after I installed Dyna Beads the vibrations were completely gone at any speeds. Now it’s very smooth, a huge improvement!
    Great product! I’m going to recommend it to all my motorcycle friends.
    Chuck S

    Got the two 1oz packets today for the scooter. What a difference it made. Rides like on glass now. And, the good part is that it will never go out of balance for the life of the tire. No more losing weights in potholes.

    Thanks. Tom

    Dear Sir,
    I have spent several hundred dollars trying to balance and rebalance my 38" super swampers on my 2003 ford F350 with lousy results, Then a friend at work told me about your product and like many people I was leery at first, So I broke down and bought your product. My tires were about half worn and the tread getting choppy. I installed your product and now the truck rides smooth as glass. Yes actually a big lug offroad tire with a smooth ride, I didn't think it was possible. I'll never use a lead weight again!

    Kevin Makuen

    I've got it in three bikes already. It works and I can't really understand it, but I am recommending it to fellow club members.

    I am a skeptic no longer...I installed Dyna Beads into all 5 of my 245/70/19.5 tires, took it for a drive with the wheel weights still attached. Much smoother ride. I then removed the weights (3 oz max per wheel) and the ride was still great. This is the smoothest that my Dodge 2500 has been.
    The installation was much easier than I expected. I have metal valve stems and the beads just poured right in. Less than a minute per corner.

    Thanks. Erik-

    Used Dyna Beads in my new motorcycle tires and was amazed at how well they work! Not a single issue at speeds up to 120mph!
    By the way thanks for answering all the questions I hit you with when I called to inquire about this product!

    Lenny B.

    We just installed 2 oz of your beads in each of the main gear inner tubes on our light sport aircraft
    (650 lb. empty weight) and it instantly solved our vibration problem at liftoff.
    Thanks for your help!


    comments: First off I'd like to say your product works great. I installed 10 oz in each of my tires (36x13.5) on my Jeep last night and immediately felt the difference. My tires were not balanced at all before the installation and now they run great. Installation was very easy right through the valve stem.

     I have tried 3 times on getting the p225/75/r15 tires on my Tacoma balanced properly without success. I just got back from the test drive after installing your Dyna Beads and alls I can say is Thank you!
    Your product works great.

                   THANKS FOR YOUR TERRIFIC PRODUCT! ...

    Just wanted to let you know that I used your beads in my
    motorcycle tires when I ran it at the Bonneville Salt Flats
    last month during the Speed Trials and recorded a speed of
    157.551 mph.
    Julian B.

    I installed the dynabeads on my 2005 Chevrolet, HD2500 Silverado crew cab truck with amazing results!
    I purchased oversized wheels (285/75/16) with a lug-centric design. This combination created a troubling, imbalanced ride that was distracting and caused a rough ride. Several trips to America's Tire did not remedy the issue. The "stick weights" used fell off, or worse, could not be applied with enough mass to balance the wheel.

    Installing the beads and removing the faulty weights solved the poor balance issues and the truck now rides better than it did the day I purchased it!

    I would suggest that anyone with a lug centric, aftermarket wheel try these to correct their balancing isssues.

    Best, Matt S.        

    To whom it may concern,
    I want to take a moment to comment on your product.
    Last fall, I was having a problem with the steering on my 2006 International 5900 Tractor (11R24.5). The steering wheel would shake at 50 MPH. I found your product on line and decided to try it. I figured I had little to lose. I was and am very pleased with the Steer Pack . It made the steering on my truck like new again.

    Thank you again.
    David H

    comments: I have two motorcycles with the beads in! I must say I have never road a bike with tires so smooth!!!

    Thanks for your product!!!!

    Just received your product and have installed the beads in a custom Ultra Groundpounder motorcycle tires. I never thought this bike could ride this good, 70+ with no vibration.
    I wasn’t sure about your product but I am now.

    Thanks, Gary
    Big Daddy Customs

    Hello Robert,
    Everyone was a little nervous about the fact my tech refused not to balance and weight the tire/mount first. So, I took it for a ride, and was very smooth. Then, I took off the weights (when the tech wasn't looking), and rode again. Very smooth, as predicted.
    [120/70 17 front-190/50 17 rear]

    Thanks for a great product.

    I have been fighting the war on tire balance for ten years and never have had a smooth ride. Some friends of mine were listening to someone praise your beads and I thought, o.k. I have tried everything else, let's give this a try.
    Boy, am I happy. I ordered enough for three motorhomes and shared with my friends. We have all put them to the test and they are great. I just returned from a 3100 mile trip and if I ever found some smooth roads, I yelled loud because this is the first time my ride has been smooth. I have a 38 foot Monaco Windsor. Thanks so much.

    Red Dixon

    Fantastic! I ordered the motorcycle kit even though I had one tube with a 90 degree valve stem. I removed existing weights and discarded them. ... [I used an] inexpensive carbide etching/marking tool to vibrate the valve stem as the beads were applied. Success! I installed the beads in both tires in less than two minutes....even through the 90 degree valve stem.
    The resulting smooth ride is wonderful! I am a convert and promoter to all of my motorcycling friends!

    Thanks for a great product.

    Diehl Unger
    Louisville, TN

    I bought your balancing beads with a certain amount of reservation, so I was amazed and surprised at how well they really do work.
    I put them in the front tire of my 16", 150cc motor scooter and it really smoothed out the rough spots of the ride. It's rare to find a product that performs as advertised but yours is one of the best. Congratulations!

    Be well,

    comments: Installed them in my Fat Boy this morning, removed the existing weights 1 1/4 oz. on rear and 3/4 oz. on front.
    Wow, what a difference!!!

    …So easy
    Jim Habdas

    Hey Carol, got the Dyna Beads about 10 days ago, and put them in my tube tires (laced wheels). They work great!
    Thanks again.

    Noel Panchy, Calgary

    I was skeptical about your product when I first read about it. ... I decided to do some research and found some forums and talked to people who have used the dyna beads first hand and they all said they are awesome! They weren't lying! After installing these just over an hour ago, I can't believe what a difference it made. I opted to leave the lead weights on and put 4oz in each tire as recommended by your chart. Now, if I lose a weight, it won't matter. My 1999 Jeep Cherokee hasn't ridden this smooth since I've owned it, and I'd be willing to bet it didn't ride this smooth when it was new! ... I'll never get new tires without putting these in again!

    US Marines

    I have tried 3 times on getting the P225/75/R15 tires on my (Toyota) Tacoma balanced properly without success. I just got back from the test drive after installing your Dyna Beads and all I can say is

    Thank you!  Your product works great.

    R.L. Hyde Park, MA

    I own a 2008 Ford F450.  I have had a vibration since I purchased it several months ago.,  I tried using Equal, but it didn't work.  After having the tires balance several different times, I finally decided to try the Dyna Beads after talking to Robert.

    Wow!!!!!!!  I am impressed.  The shake is gone, just as advertised.  I will be purchasing more in the near future, and from now on, all of my vehicles will use Dyna Beads.  Thanks for a product that works as designed.  And thanks to Robert for taking the time to assist me.


    A Life Long Dyna Beads Convert
         Bob O'Dell

    Just thought I would let you know,I am happy with the product.
    [Model] T runs smooth out on the road.No tire shimmy and shake.
    Thanks again for a good product that does as advertised for a change.

    Mack Cole
    North Carolina              (See photo on Photo's Page)

    Hey Robert,
    It's finally done! I got it running on October 20th and my son just took some 200 pictures Thanksgiving day. I've been on the freeway all the way to Monterey and back and then all over the Bay Area as well and the tires are balancing great. It's as smooth as any car; well, as long as the road is smooth because the suspension is quite a bit different than my car, let's face it. Just wanted to let you know that your product is working beyond what I thought it was capable of. Really surprising. So here's a pic and feel free to post it on the net.

    Thanks again,
    Brian Keast               ( See this monster here)
    Deer Creek Construction

    Our car is a 1922 Ford Speedster with a flathead engine and a Model T crankshaft that turns the quarter mile at 71 miles an hour in 18.8 seconds. It turns an 11.09 second one tenth mile hill climb at 44.40 miles an hour....

    My tires used to bounce at speeds over 35 to 40 miles an hour and now I can drive at top speed on race courses and cruise at highway speeds along with modern traffic with no wheel hop at all. I recommend them and have also recommended them to the members of all of the car clubs I belong to. My friends also approve of Dyna Beads.

    Frank Harris

    See Franks car on the Photo's Page. To read the entire letter from Frank, click here.

    Robert...we were right! GREAT trip to Dallas after I had the tires broke down and reseated.
    I just felt in my gut that when they just let air out, and put beads in without removing and reseating...that had to be it.

    Both places tried to sell me their "stuff". A liquid and Equal. I told them all I have always used the beads....had tires on last coach and beads were still good when I had to replace a tire. Equal gets mushy and I don't trust liquids.

    You can ALWAYS use me as a RV seller! I NOW have the best ride ever since Tiffin had new Michelins sent to me.

    The Freightliner Ind. Susp. has to be set PERFECTLY. The ride over was just a pleasure. In fact....I feel it has taken away any small shake I had even with weights.

    Thanks for all the help!!
    Steve Ecton  

    We built the Big Red 1 last year and could not find a machine to balance the massive tires, so I started looking for alternative measures.
    This is a 2000 F250 that has 30" of lift and 54" Interco Boggers and we drive it on the road at highway speeds. …
    I received your product and was still "Concerned” when I installed them. I put them in the rear tires first, they where the worst, and took it for a test drive. I went back to the shop and installed the beads in the front tires.
    These tires are huge and to be able to drive this truck on the highway without any concerns of shaking, bouncing, or tracking problems is great!
    I love your product and promote it at all of the shows I attend. Thanks again for all the help, you have a GREAT product.

    Scott Dylla
    Damon, Texas

    To see this big rig, go to the Photos page here

    We bought a BMW K1200 LT with a new Hannigan trike conversion about a month ago in Denver and rode it back about 2,000 miles to Georgia. The front tire was cupped and vibrated all the time. We replaced the tire and had it balanced. After about 400 miles, there was still a vibration all the time. I thought the vibration was just inherent to all trikes and was something I was going to have to get used to.

    Then I added 2 ounces of Dyna Beads to the front and 3 ounces to each of the rear tires and all the vibration is gone. The ride is absolutely smooth.

    Dyna Beads should be mandatory on all trikes. My next emails are to the trike manufacturer and the trike dealer.

    I have been riding for more than 45 years and this is my first testimonial.

    Thanks for a great product.

    Jasper, GA

    Dyna Bead Folk:

    I received my Dyna Bead kit for motorcycles late last week. Installed beads in front tyre (AVON Storm) on my 92 Concours. Took her out for a 175 mile run this past weekend. It included some spirited riding in double-yellow-line territory.
    As my teenage sons would say:  Shweeeeeet! Front end now as smooth as silk. The instability I was experiencing in hard turns is GONE, baby, GONE.
    Didn't do the back yet as there are already 2oz of weight and it feels good. Besides, that tyre will be history in about three weeks as I have two long trips to twisty roads coming up.

    Thanx for a great product. I'll be witnessing for you. And I'll be back for more when the time comes.

    ...four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul...

    hermitage, tn


    I have to admit I was skeptical about the performance of Dyna Beads before I purchased them a couple of weeks ago.

    I had just bought new tires for my 2005 Triumph Thruxton 900 motorcycle.
    After I had my tires mounted, I noticed that the service department did not put a lead weight on my front rim. When I asked about this, I was told that the tire balanced perfect and did not require any balancing weights. I thought that this was hard to believe and I was right as the first time that I went out for a test ride, the bike began to shimmy and wobble. I was not going back to this service shop at any rate.
    I decided that I would give the Dyna Bead system a try. I ordered them through a dealer, and I took delivery within a couple of days. Once I figured out the installation technique it was very simple. I put 1 ounce of Dyna Beads into my front tire. My motorcycle has an
    alloy rim with spokes, and requires a tube for the tire. After I inflated the tire and double checked for correct pressure and leaks I went out for a test ride.

    All I can say is that the difference is night & day. My motorcycle rides as if it is on a train track. Smooth as glass, at any speed right up to and over the ‘ton’ (100mph). Fantastic is all I can say. perfect custom alloy rims are immaculate, and will remain so forever! It did not take me long to install the Dyna Beads into my rear tire and remove the old style lead weights.

    Thank again for a great product!

    Dan Lloyd

    Kingston, NH

    I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my bike since “Dyna-beading” my tires. The tires were balanced "correctly" prior, at least according to old fashioned doctrine. So I did not have any issues prior that led me to changing to your beads. However, I immediately noticed after leaving the shop that the view in my rear-view mirrors was crystal clear, even at highway speeds. I figured all that was wind, some engine vibration etc...well it wasn't that after all. Cause it's a glass-smooth ride now. Less fatigue (especially hands & arms) on trips. I just know my tires will last longer, as well as some parts of my bike that were living with this ancillary vibration. I also want to let you know that your dealer "Cheezes Cycle Shop" in Catasauqua, PA is superb. Rod was very patient and helpful in explaining all this to me, the process & how it works, and his shop is the cleanest garage I've ever seen. A pleasure to bring my bike to him and be at his shop. Thank you!

    Dave Macrini
    Phillipsburg, NJ

    I’ve been running your Dynabeads in the 35x14.5 Pitbull Rockers on my Jeep for about 6 years
    Now. In fact, I had totally forgotten about them until I had to have a tire swapped to a different rim recently. Then I had to dig and dig in my shop to find my spare bag of Dynabeads. I had not seen them since my move 5 years ago, but I knew I had them somewhere!
    6 years ago people had talked about running everything from beads to ball bearings in their tires, but I didn’t think much of it. Then when I got the Pitbulls, I started looking around. When I saw our page and your chart for Off Road tires, I knew this was going to work. You were the only company who even mentioned using the product in Off Road applications.
    I love them. I love that I don’t have to think about them. I love the fact that as soon as those huge bias ply tires warm up (about a mile or two down the highway) they settle down and there is no wobble or balance issues.
    I plan to pick up another set of Dynabeads to put in my truck tires when I put new tires on it later this year.

    Thanks for a great product!
    Jenn Baker

    I want to thankyou for Dynabeads.
    I installed Dynabeads in 2002 Suzuki VL800 and removed weights off spoke while tires are brand new. I rode it and it was smooth as glass regardless speed. I noticed no more shimmy or bouncing.
    Now it have been 6 years and I have totally forgotten about it. Now, my tires are approaching 20,000 miles and rear tire is getting bald. Dynabeads helped tires to last longer. I am going to replace new tires soon, I will tell tire guy not to install lead weight so that I re-install Dynabeads.
    Your product really worth it!!

    I can see things in my mirrors at any speed. 2001 FX/ST and I'm going to start using them in all my vehicles. Thanks for a great product!



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