This is an absolutely awesome truck! It belongs to Brian Keast, who owns Deer Creek Construction in Palo Alto, CA, and has been a long, expensive, labor of love that took two years and 8 months to accomplish. These tires are currently the record holder for size and weight using Dyna Beads. The tires are 52" tall Michelin XZL's. The tire and wheel combo weighs in at over 400 lbs.

Have a cool picture of your ride you would like to submit?
It can be a 4x4, Tractor Trailer, Motorcycle, RV, Hot Rod, Antique car, Airplane or any vehicle that you're proud to display tthat uses Dyna Beads in the tires. Send 'em along with a description of the vehicle and anything special you've done to it.

Unimog 4x4

Customer Pictures

Deer Creek 4x4

This unusual vehicle belongs to Karl Kittleberger.   It's a Unimog, made by Mercedes Benz.
The tires are 12.50x20 and are 40" tall.  Definitely not your average commute to work ride.

Chas Stricker Unimog 4x4

This Mercedes Benz Unimog is a 1991 1250L DOK, and is owned and maintained by Chas Stricker.
It runs on 365/85 R20 Continental MPT81 tires, and Dyna Beads provides the smooth ride.

Model T Dirt Track Racer
This is a photo of our resident expert on all Model T's, Frank Harris, and his 1922 Model T Dirt Track racer.
Dyna Beads equipped, of course!
Marks Piper PA28
This is an Experimental Kit Plane called a "Glastar" by New Glasair Aviation and is owned by Mark Kiedrowski from Austin, TX. Using Dyna Beads in the tires, Mark has increased his takeoff/landing per tire by over 30%. He also fabricated a round tube containing 10 grams of Dyna Beads that goes into his prop spinner that eliminated the prop vibration.
SRS TRactor TRailer at LouisVille, KY
This beautiful rig is owned Jerry Beaudoin of SRS National LLC.
The picture is one we took at the 2006 Custom Truck Contest at the Mid-America Truck Show in LouisVille, KY. For a rig of this calibre, he wants only the best for his balancing, Dyna Beads!
Toms Kart
This racing Kart is owned by Tom Stevens, and in this photo he is doing 90 mph!
He used 1/2 ounce in all tires. The fronts are 10 X 4.50 -5 and the rears are 11 X 7.10 -5.
Tim Reiners

Our friends Tim Reinert and his wife all packed up and on their way to Sturgis, SD coutesy of their Valkyrie.
He uses 2 oz in each tire, and uses them for his race car as well.
The Valkyrie is a motorcycle that was manufactured by Honda, from model years 1997-2003.

Mack Cole's Model T in progress.
This is how Innovative Balancing delivers it's product to it's dealers locally. It's slow, but it gets there.
Seriously, this is a Model T, and a work in progress by it's proud owner Mack Cole in North Carolina who has spent the last three years scrounging parts to get to this point. He put 5 oz in each tire, and it rides like, well, a Model T with no tire balance problems.
This is Scott Dylla's rig called Big Red 1, and is an F250 with 30" lift and 54" Interco Boggers.
It's a show rig, but is also driven on the highway at normal speeds. The smooth ride is provided by a 20 oz per tire dose of Dyna Beads. His company is All Out Offroad.
How he gets into the cab is anybody's guess, but stopping off at StarBucks for a Moca Grande is probably not an option.
You can read his comments on the Testimonial page.
This fine looking 117 cube machine is a Big Dog Ridgeback, and the proud owner is Jake Tuckey of Cape Coral, FL.
He definitely doesn't want to see ugly wheel weights spoiling the looks of those beautiful wheels, so he installed 2 oz of Dyna Beads in the front, and 3 oz in the rear for a smooth ride.
Jake's business specializes in custom billett accessories for Big Dog Motorcycles, and he's also a Dyna Beads Dealer.
You can see his awesome website here:
Michael Chitty Jeep
This good lookin' Jeep belongs to Michael Chitty out of Savannah, Georgia
From Michael:   Here's my daily driver 1994 Jeep YJ with 14" of lift and 35x15 (Interco) Super Swamper TSLs filled with about 7 or 8 ounces of your balancing beads in each tire.
This fine looking bike is a '92 Concours and belongs to Robert Hailey from Hermitage, TN. He has 2 oz in the Avon Storm tires, and he says "...Shweeeeeet! Front end now as smooth as silk. The instability I was experiencing in hard turns is GONE, baby, GONE.
Cliff Smith's 79 MGB with 185/70 R14's and 3 oz of Dynabeads installed per tire. "Before I put them in I couldn't drive over 55 without a terrible out of balance shimmy and now it is smooth as silk even at speeds of 75+ mph.
It feels like a whole new car."
This Iron Horse belongs to James Moore from Phoenix, AZ. It's an immaculate '07 Harley Road Glide with 80,000 miles on the meter. James is also one of Dyna Beads Dealers, owning 7 Bikers Bay franchises from Arizona to Flordia. Next time you need your oil changed or a new set of treads, give Bikers Bay a call. Locations in Phoenix, Tucson and Glendale AZ, Jackson and Bedford TX, Tampa and De Land, FL.
This 2005 Nissan Xterra belongs to John Ott from VA. It's equipped with 35x14.50 Pit Bull Rocker Bias Ply tires and 10 oz per tire of Off Road Dyna Beads.
To quote John,  "Smooth. Thank you"
racer with tires balanced by DynaBeads
Racing with tire balancing beads
"As the driver for the first event, I would like to say that your product had really made a difference in the ride quality of our vehicle."
Walter Robertson
Pictures courtesy of Tony Marable
DynaBeads tire balancing promo material
ArgoCycles Trailer
Motorcycle night
Dynabeads motorcycle night banner
"Hi Carol,

Hope all is well with you and the Dyna Beads team! We just wanted to share a few pictures with you.
The pictures are of the people who got your t-shirt giveaways, there's a couple showing the display we did with your brochures and also one of your banner hanging at Motorcyclenight.
If you'd like to see more pictures from this season's events, here's a link to our photo gallery page,
Believe it or not we only have 2 events left for the 2015 season. And in 2016 we are going to be celebrating our 20th season of Motorcyclenight!

Thank you again for your continued sponsorship of Motorcyclenight. We appreciate your ongoing support of our events.

Have a great rest of the week,
Steve and Heather"
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